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Divi mobile menu: collapse nested menu items

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Collapse Divi mobile menu

If you have a Divi-powered website with a large menu, contained nested menu items, you can face with the following issue for the mobile and tablet views: the nested menu expands, holds the whole screen and some menu elements can be hidden. There is a hack to make the mobile menu look more compact and…

WordPress snippets 2019

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WordPress Code Snippets

Disable WordPress database revisions: wp-config.php add above ‘require-once’: Delete revisions from WordPress database: Perform the following SQL query on your database in PHPMyAdmin Customize “Read more” button functions.php Add “Read more” button for excerpts functions.php…

jQuery: $.postJSON

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Is your request very big for $.getJSON() and you are looking for post alternative in jQuery to send large amount of data? I have bad news for you: there is no such function as $.postJSON() in jQuery. But, there is a way out: we can still perform AJAX post requests in JSON format by simply…

WordPress AJAX: a simple example without plugins

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Simple Wordpress AJAX call

Here is a quick and simple example of how you can use AJAX call in WordPress without a plugin. This can really help if you are stacked in a mess of big AJAX tutorials around WordPress. AJAX call from your Java Script: PHP-part, placed in functions.php: That’s it! Cheers!…

5-Minute Economist

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A tool for a quick economies evaluation. The project was a real challenge for us. We built a website, which allows the users to evaluate and compare any world economies in 5-minute with the help of our built-in interactive charts, ratings, and maps. Interactive chart for the comparison of US-states: Interactive map for the visual comparison…